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Patent Research and Analysis

 Wireless and ICT Patent Services 


The Maravedis Wireless ICT Patent Services assists companies engaged in evaluating, acquiring, negotiating or litigating in the field of 4G ICT wireless and SDN technologies. Our research database of over 20,000 patents in the field as essential and of further impact to the 3GPP LTE, IEEE 802.11, 802.16, standards. Recent research extends to segments of patents in Social eCommerce, SDN, SDWN, which will impact the ICT industries.

SIP, Software for Intellectual Property, GmbH, has assigned Maravedis as the North American representative for support of the company's patent database research software tools and pre-sales support. SIP provides a highly effective software package for search, evaluation and analysis of patents and prior art documents.  The IPR research solution is scaled from the needs of the individual to multiple departments within large corporations. We think SIP offers a cost effective and highly effective solution for both in-depth patent analysis and strategic analysis of portfolios. Maravedis with SIP, Software for Intellectual Property, GmbH

IPR Research3



Purpose of the service

Gain Business Negotiating and Market Advantage


A Focus on IPR Research Brings Clarity and a New Perspective to Your Business:


A seasoned review of prior and cited patents and documents using Maravedis' optimized, searchable database of over 20,000 ICT patents.


Evaluation of plaintiff or defense strategies or development of independent alternative positions.


Licensing Program support or defense of patent claims.


Analysis of mapping to wireless standards and defined pivot segments. Broader strategic portfolio analysis.



 Patent Positioning:

Research in emerging areas of patents that may yield product, service and IPR advantages and help in strategic planning.

Mapping of licensing, acquisition, and defense strategies prior to consequences.

Short-term assignments and Aide to Fast-track/rush litigation review and case preparation

Maravedis can work with clients on an expedited basis to aide in patent litigation preparation..

Quick, structured review of patent portfolios and IPR strategic positions

Executive summary of IPR for acquisitions, risk and opportunity analysis



Current IPR Reports:

Research in Segments of Technology Currently or Soon to Shape Products, Services and Business Fortunes 


SeC, The New IPR Frontier, a Report on Social eCommerce Patents and Business Methods, 2013

LTE, LTE-Advanced and B4G Wireless Patents and Impacts, 2013

WiMAX & LTE Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Market Impact Report, 2nd edition, 2008



To Order Reports or Obtain Outline, Executive Summary and Pricing of Reports. Contact or call 206.367.6931