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About Maravedis

Policies & Ethos

Maravedis adheres to the following:


General Business Ethics

Maravedis Group adheres to professional standards for confidentiality of client information, contacts, and relationship. Information that is not explicitly public is aggregated for publication or other forms of dissemination. All legally sensitive information, discussions are discouraged unless on request by and for specific client directed client services.

Management and Employee Conduct

Professional and personal conduct of Maravedis Group employees and managers is to be above board, ethical, with the best interests of our customers, partners and fellow associates kept foremost. No employee shall participate in bribes, illegal activities, unauthorized activities, or any activity that poses a conflict of interest between clients, the company, partners, or associates.
 Customers are the heart of any business and to be treated in the highest regards. Customers rights to control over proprietary data and governance of the overall relationship shall be adhered to in keeping with a professional level of prudence and legal requirements.  If conflicts arise, the customer is to be informed of the issues and given the opportunity to enforce their rights to the protection of their information or to change contractual obligations or ongoing gathering of data, analysis and report activities. 
Terms of specific contracts may define specific vendor-customer relationships and how and by whom data and analysis is gathered, held, disseminated and controlled.

Customer Relations

Maravedis seeks mutually beneficial relationships with PR, analysts, suppliers, vendors, and media that further the interests of the ICT industry, government and public interests.  
The ICT industry fosters a collaborative environment within which the best among analytic skills, information sources, web and mobile applications can occur.  Maravedis engages partners across international boundaries as suited to our goals oriented activities.

Partners and Associate Relations