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Clash of the Titans: IPR at a Crossroads II

IPR remains a major area of concern for next generation wireless and converged ICT industry development.

September 2007 article

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Among the trends in wireless is the convergence with other fields of development.  Convergence is evident in 3G hand held products that now appear on store shelves and will be even more evident as advanced 3G and WiMAX become a common aspect of laptops, ultra portable laptops, PDAs, automobiles, and a host of consumer electronic devices.  As broadband usage proliferates, the incorporated technology used in products goes beyond wireless communications to include graphics compression, power management, memory and memory  management, sophisticated software interface, video cameras, location based software and services, and localized storage and forwarding of content.  Any single segment of technology can pose the threat of IPR litigation and trade sanctions.  To the extreme, this can cause stoppages in sales of products.


This extreme case of how technology convergence is having an impact field of wireless IPR is seen in the recent lawsuits and trade actions.  Recently, Broadcom won a ban on import products containing chips made by Qualcomm have been ruled to infringe on Broadcom’s power management patents:  [1]

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